Case Studies

Client - Network Rail


NR_CS.jpgIn July 2007, Network Rail conducted a structured and concise tendering process through OJEU in order to deliver a value for money national reprographics/printing Contract with the objective of streamlining and consolidating the way they procured their printing requirements throughout the UK.

One of the main benefits of this exercise was to implement a single national contract with one Reprographics/Printing Partner in order to acquire a “best value” service to serve Network Rail on a national basis and acquire economies of scale across the whole organisation.

  • The objective of consolidating reprographics and printing spend within Network Rail throughout the UK was to achieve the following benefits.
  • Reduction of general printing costs.
  • Improvement in reprographics/printing delivery performance, service levels and response times.
  • Provision of a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year national printing service.
  • Utilisation of innovative Online Print Ordering/Job Cataloguing technology in order to improve Document Print Management business processes and procedures.
  • Reduction of printing carbon footprint through the move towards electronic publishing, minimising onsite carbon emissions and paper usage from floor copiers through an “Automatic Printing Service”.
  • Provision of real time Management Information and structured Service Level Agreements.

We were awarded the contract as a result of our proven ability to deliver all of the above to Network Rail.

At the outset of this contract; we organised introductory road shows, provided support to Key Print Users at Network Rail offices throughout the UK to ensure they understood the services and products available to them.

We also introduced market leading Online Print Ordering/Cataloguing Technology in order to streamline and co-exist with Network Rail internal administrative processes, procedures and to enhance overall operational efficiencies.

We have delivered significant cost savings and have demonstrably reduced waiting times on Document Printing Output to Network Rail.

Since 2012, we have continued to supply Network Rail as the sole print supplier via our partnership with Office Depot.


Client - Institute of Education, London


We provide the University with an onsite environmentally friendly print management service backed up with a high capacity offiste servioce from our Swindon hub, supplying digital mono and colour print services including the provision of corporate stationery.

All University work is gathered via the onsite print room located in the University, but most is produced at our main production facility in Swindon and delivered back the next day via our dedicated delivery vans. This hub model provides extensive savings to the University as they benefit from low on site fixed costs and the ecnomies of scale generated from a large scale offsite production facility.

Our onsite team provides print consultancy and advbice to end users and also assist the University with the daily management of the various decentralised print devices located around the University sites which involves general 'feeding and watering' of the equipment with paper and machine consumables, collecting money from the coin operated card machines, engineer support and the gathering of machine data, which is reported to University as part of our quarterly review meeting.