Legal Sector

eDiscovery and Litigation Support Services

All organisations have huge volumes of unstructured data contained in email and other forms of electronic data storage media across numerous departments and areas of the enterprise.  Critical information may be distributed across multiple locations and countries with different regulations and approaches to data protection and access.

The accessing, retrieval, collation and presentation of data prior to a major Court action , or in the event of a forensic audit or accounting review is a complex task which requires an integrated approach supported by sophisticated software and processes.

Increasingly, the judicial process places greater emphasis on the inclusion of electronic data discovery output in assessing whether or not a litigant or defendant has appropriately reviewed their unstructured data prior to litigation or dispute resolution.

That's where Cats Legal comes in

Cats Legal has extensive experience of the management and delivery of sensitive data for many of the UK’s Top 500 law and accountancy firms in applications such as litigation support and forensic audit.  Cats Legal has access to a team of highly skilled professionals who understand the issues and are creative and flexible in their solutions to specific client situations.

Based in the heart of the City of London, Cats Legal utilises a wide range of software from specialist partners to deliver individually tailored client solutions, focusing on the delivery of accessible information and output cost-effectively and quickly.



Why Cats Legal?

Our expertise and experience of a wide range of litigation support, document/data handling and managed print environments places us in a unique position to understand a client’s requirements and tailor an individual and customised solution. We have delivered electronic data discovery services to many of the top 500 law firms across the UK, and have relationships with most of the leading providers of software applications for the various stages of EDD, including early stage review.


Cats Legal eDiscovery Services include:

  • The establishment of standardized and legally defensible chain of custody (COC) processes.
  • The ability to leverage all common hard and soft media types: Hard drives, PSTs, thumb drives, NSFs, etc. This service offers embedded file detection and Native file conversion, taking raw data and transforming it into meaningful content, such as the conversion of a PST into individual emails and attachments.
  • Document culling, or selecting the proper, relevant documents for review, reducing both long-term storage and the overhead involved. This service involves iterative key word searches and document near de-duplication.
  • Document de-duplication, which can be accelerated with proven technical processes and experienced staff to administer them. When managed properly, de-duplication can reduce overall review amounts by 20-30%.
  • Near de-duplication clustering, which can further reduce costs by increasing accuracy and aiding review efficiency and mitigating risk.
  • De-nisting, which is the removal of non-relevant system and program files.
  • OCR on the fly and full image conversion — TIFF, PDF, searchable PDF — and full metadata and text extraction.
  • Unicode detection and support of over 100 languages, including multi-byte characters.  
  • Domain name isolation, which reduce the unresponsive noise of SPAM and personal emails.
  • Detailed reporting and exception handling.