Online Print Ordering Tool

Efficiency and productivity are essential items on the agenda of any organisation, and Cats Group has responded to the need to improve print ordering efficiency by creating and developing a user-friendly and comprehensive online ordering software tool which enables a user anywhere in the organisation to create and order print jobs by building and validating templates, including those for stationery and promotional materials, with various options for personalisation. These templates can then be previewed through the creation of a PDF preview, showing changes and corrections made.

A user can also create orders from documents uploaded from a pc and have these converted to PDF for instant online proofing. The system allows orders to be tracked or re-ordered in a matter of a few clicks.

The system can be customised to an individual organisation in a number of ways; it can be “themed” or branded to reflect a client’s house style, different payment or charging methods can be configured, approval workflows can be tailored to suit the organisation’s in-house processes and it can be accessed in multiple languages.

The online ordering tool is housed in Cats Group’s Head Office facility in Swindon on secure, resilient servers backed up by a tested fall back and recovery infrastructure thereby ensuring 24/7 availability.