Plans & Plot Printing

Cats Group clients include organisations from all private and public sector areas, many of whom have both generic and specialised need of large format, plotting and plan printing services.

In many situations we are asked to work with highly valuable, delicate or sensitive original materials, and we have invested in a range of equipment to handle these requirements.

Plan printing encompasses everything from architectural drawings and landscape designs through to posters and banners, printed in plain black and white or full colour, from A5 right up to A0 and beyond.

plans-and-plotting_2.jpgCats Group has extensive experience of identifying the correct materials and processes to produce high quality prints from a broad range of materials, applicable to construction, architectural, engineering, electrical or mechanical applications.

Taking input from a wide variety of media, Cats Group produces enlargements and reductions from paper originals and electronic PDF, CAD, DWF or TIFF files, scanning to disk where originals are becoming worn or damaged.

We can scan back drawings to PDF for digital archiving to CD and can work with virtually all sizes and formats of plans and drawings including A0, A1 and A2.