training_new_v2.jpgThe Cats Group have been supporting the training industry for many years. We supply a broad variety of training materials to key organisations and businesses such as Network Rail, Kaplan Publishing & BPP. Each one has bespoke needs to keep the highest standards required for the training schools.

We have built an in depth knowledge of the training sector and are able to offer formatting solutions as well as a professional understanding in training unit production.

We currently offer this sector:

  • Bespoke training courses
  • Flash training cards
  • Binders with multiple day training elements
  • Professional development
  • Management master classes
  • Power point course
  • Online ordering for students
  • Bespoke poly prop binders
  • Graduate Master class

Cats Solutions continue to offer a 24 hour turnaround to all Training schools in the UK, this allows for last minute changes or if extra delegates sign up the extra sets can be delivered on time for the courses.